Prof. Richard Wilson, D.Phil – Advisory Council: Atlantic Legal Foundation

14509972137285 (24)Mallinckrodt Research
Professor of Physics
Harvard University
Cambridge, MA

Richard Wilson, born in London, England in 1926, has been at Harvard University since 1955 where he is now Mallinckrodt Research Professor of Physics. Richard Wilson is an affiliate of the Center for Middle Eastern Studies and of the Harvard Center for Risk Analysis, and of the Program on Science and International Affairs at the Kennedy School of Government. His CV shows that he is the author or coauthor of 867 published articles and papers. See also charts of ancestors and descendants. In particular look at the web site of Elaine Wilson, a fine landscape painter. Richard Wilson is a famous name and a selection of “Richard Wilson’s” activities shows that he was, and is, an extraordinarily busy man.

He is studying cancer at old age; the problem of chronic arsenic exposure: various Human Rights activities; experiments on parity violation in electron proton scattering at CEBAF. They also include a major interest in analyzing and trying to understand, risks; how to reduce them, how important individual risks may be. 10 times as many people were killed on the roads last year as were killed on September 11th 2001. The international drug trade may be far more destructive society than Al Qaeda. Keeping perspective was a major theme of the book “Risk Benefit Analysis” by Richard Wilson and Edmund A. Crouch, available from Harvard University Press and on the bookstands; As a sample, see the Table of Contents the first pages of the book and some comments on the book. He was a trustee of the Global Foundation till its demise on the death of its President (Professor Behram Kursunuglu) in 2003.