John H. Carley

Advisory Council Member

Phone: 212.874.2979
john carley - Advisory Council Member of Atlantic Legal Foundation

John H. Carley was appointed Senior Vice President � Legal and Regulatory Affairs at Cendant Corporation on June 1, 1998 where he supervises all major litigation. Mr. Carley graduated from Rutgers University in 1962 and Yale Law School in 1968. He also served as a United States Army officer from 1963 to 1965.

Prior to joining Cendant, Mr. Carley practiced law in New York City from 1968 until 1981, becoming a litigation partner in the law firm of Rogers & Wells headed by former United States Attorney General and Secretary of State William P. Rogers. In 1971, President Nixon appointed Mr. Carley to the Board of Foreign Scholarships in the State Department, which administered the Fulbright Scholarship Program. In 1981, Mr. Carley joined the Reagan Administration as General Counsel of the Federal Trade Commission and in 1985 was appointed General Counsel of the Office of Management and Budget in the Executive Office of the President where he advised senior White House staff on matters affecting the federal budget and public policy.

In 1987 Mr. Carley left Washington to return to New York City to practice law at Donovan, Leisure, Newton & Irvine until Mayor Rudolph Guiliani asked him in 1994 to join his new administration as Special Counsel to the Deputy Mayor for Economic Development and Finance. Later that year the newly-elected New York State Attorney General asked Mr. Carley to become Deputy Attorney General for Public Advocacy where he was responsible for all civil litigation commenced on behalf of the State and was the trial counsel in the dispute over the Estate of Doris Duke. Following the acquisition of Avis, Inc, by HFS, Inc. in 1996, Mr. Carley became Executive Vice President and General Counsel of Avis from which he later joined Cendant which resulted from the merger of HFS with CUC International, Inc.

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