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Greedy Plaintiff’s Counsel Prays for Relief From Sanction For Frivolous Appeal

The issue before this Court, and before the circuit court below, is not the merits of the case, but rather a motion for attorney’s fees and prejudgment interest. The district court denied this motion, wondering as to why the attorney’s fees should be three times the judgement against the defendant, and plaintiff’s council, without the permission of the plaintiff, appealed this decision. The appeals court not only agreed with the district court but sanctioned plaintiff’s council for bringing a frivolous appeal. Now plaintiff’s council seeks to waste the Supreme Court’s time after humiliating himself before two lower courts. 

Issue Areas:

Individual Liberty

Question(s) Presented:

Should Plaintiff’s counsel be allowed to further embarrass themselves, this time before the highest court in the land?

ALF’s Amicus Brief:

ALF, representing Respondent, Ebasco Services Inc., argues that because this issue is merely an offshoot of an already unimportant discrimination case, and because this offshoot issue is merely an attorney, who has already embarrassed themselves before an appeals court, displaying a remarkable lack of self awareness or humility, Petitioner’s Writ of Certiorari should be denied.   


Certiorari was denied. 

Date Originally Posted: December 9, 1987

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