Marco Q. Rossi

Director, Atlantic Legal Foundation

Member, Executive Committee
Phone: 310.492.4377
Marco Rossi - Director of Atlantic Legal Foundation

Marco Q. Rossi is the founder and principal of Marco Q. Rossi & Associaties, PLLC, a boutique
innovative international law firm with a singular focus: assisting international enterprises and globally
minded individuals with strategic legal and tax advice on cross-border business transactions and
international legal and tax matters.

Marco was born and educated in Italy, where he got his law degree from the University of Genoa
in 1990 and started practicing international maritime law working primarily as local counsel for
major UK – based law firms and U.S. – based clients. In 2002, he earned an international tax LL.M.
degree from New York University School of Law and in 2005 he established Marco Q. Rossi &
Associati as a U.S. – Italy cross-border practice with offices in Italy and New York. In 2016, Marco
opened an office in Los Angeles, through which his firm operates out of both coasts of the United
States while being seamlessly integrated with its E.U. based offices in Italy.

Marco is licensed in Italy, New York and California and assists international clients with strategic
global tax planning services, foreign companies on U.S. inbound investments and business
transactions, U.S.–based companies operating in foreign markets, and executive and managerial
workforces employed internationally. In Italy, he maintains a sophisticated Italian international tax
practice advising U.S. business and private clients on Italian international legal and tax matters.

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