Center For Truth In Science President & CEO Joseph Annotti Appointed to ALF Advisory Council

Atlantic Legal Foundation Chairman & President Dan Fisk is especially pleased to announce the appointment of Joseph Annotti to ALF’s distinguished Advisory Council.  Joe is the President and CEO of the Center For Truth In Science, which shares ALF’s mission for sound science in American jurisprudence.  

In his letter of appointment to Mr. Annotti, Chairman Fisk, affirmed: “I’m especially enthusiastic re your joining our ALF team and expect significant synergy will derive from our organizations joining forces in collaboration . . . excellence in research and communications on critical science issues from your perspective and high level effective litigation expertise and experience from ours . . . a dynamic combination.” 

Mr. Annotti graduated with honors from the English program at the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California in 1979.  He grew up in an entrepreneurial family with a successful tomato cannery enterprise.  Following graduation from the University, he worked in prominent positions in public affairs and public policy for the property/casualty insurance industry and later as the CEO of a national life insurance trade group.  He was appointed president and CEO of the Center for Truth in Science upon its founding in 2020.  The Center is an independent, non-profit organization with a vision of becoming a well-respected champion of fact-based science.   Among other activities, it commissions research projects on complex issues at the intersection of science, justice, and the economy conducted by independent scientists without political, cultural, technical, or ideological bias.  

Collaborating with the nonpartisan Atlantic Legal Foundation (long recognized as America’s leading organization for fostering sound science in judicial and regulatory proceedings), the Center’s and the Foundation’s shared objective and expectation is that by working together, synergistic progress will be made toward achieving a healthy and balanced system in which judicial and regulatory decisions are based on objective, unbiased, sound, and comprehensive analyses of scientific evidence. This in turn will provide an environment in which America’s free enterprise and judicial systems can thrive in the public interest.  

Among complementary pursuits, the Center is focused on advocating through publications and educational audio / video presentations to apprise leaders and professionals of the need for consistent and accurate methodology for regulators and litigators to effectively determine the probability that exposure to a particular substance caused an adverse health outcome.  Decisions on the probability of causation have been wildly divergent — and often conflicting — from regulatory agency to regulatory agency and courtroom to courtroom.  The landmark Daubert trilogy of decisions by the U.S. Supreme Court in which Atlantic Legal was influential by filing briefs on behalf of a cadre of Nobel Laureates, serving as amici, and recognized by the Supreme Court for its helpful amicus curiae, or friend of the Court, submissions, have helped greatly, but more needs to be done to guide lower courts and regulatory agencies.  Efforts are underway to modify and update Federal Rule of Evidence 702 to move closer to assuring more reliable sound science in federal judicial proceedings.  This focus and continued participation in key judicial and regulatory proceedings and related scientific research are expected to be engaging for the Center and the Foundation in frequent collaborations. 

The Atlantic Legal Foundation’s Board of Directors, Advisory Council and Executive Staff welcome Joe Annotti to its leadership team and look forward to working together with him and his colleagues at the Center for Truth in Science in the public’s interest by fostering sound science to more effectively serve our free enterprise, judicial, educational and professional communities in America.   Better American jurisprudence should follow.

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