Law360 Quotes ALF On Mandatory Bar Dues That Subsidize Political Speech

In its July 1, 2021 editions, Law360 published an article about the joint amicus brief submitted by the Atlantic Legal Foundation, Pacific Legal Foundation, and Cato Institute supporting the certiorari petition in Crowe v. Oregon State Bar, No. 20-1678.

The case challenges on First Amendment grounds the requirement that lawyers pay their state bar associations dues that are used in part to subsidize a bar association’s political or ideological speech. The Law360 article about the amicus brief quotes Atlantic Legal Foundation Executive Vice President & General Counsel Larry Ebner:

Lawrence S. Ebner of the Atlantic Legal Foundation doubled down that compelling lawyers to pay dues that subsidize their bar associations’ political or ideological advocacy activities ‘not only violates their members’ First Amendment rights, but also undermines the high professional standards that state bar associations are supposed to represent.

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