Recognition of Atlantic Legal Foundation’s Twenty-Fifth Anniversary

More often than not during its twenty-five year history, ALF has represented clients who found it necessary to contest governmental over-reaching and abuse. This history made proclamations received in advance of our June banquet even more meaningful.

On behalf of the residents of New York, I congratulate all those associated with the Atlantic Legal Foundation You have fought diligently for the integrity of the judicial process and have provided legal representation for individuals and organizations that otherwise could not afford it. I appreciate all that your organization has done to uphold the laws of our Nation.?

–Rudolph W. Giuliani
Mayor of the City of New York
June, 2001

Your inspiring mission to provide free legal services stands as an emblem to the admirable service you have brought to your community

For 25 years, the Atlantic Legal Foundation has advocated principles that have enabled this nation to flourish limited government, individual rights and free enterprise. Over the years, the Foundation has offered legal counsel and has brought cases in state and federal courts throughout the country on behalf of the corporate community, distinguished scientists, educators, and governmental leaders, as well as individuals stifled by overzealous regulationI would like to personally commend the staff and supporters of the Atlantic Legal Foundation for your faithful and honorable service?

–Tom Ridge
Governor of the
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
June, 2001
(Currently-Director, Office of Homeland Security)

Your years of commitment to the community are an achievement for which many strive, but few are able to attainbest wishes for many more years of success.?

–Arlen Specter
United States Senator
June, 2001

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