Slattery Praises Atlantic Legal Sound Science Record

In welcoming guests at the 2002 Annual Award Dinner, Atlantic Legal Foundation’s President William Slattery emphasized the Foundations outstanding record of advocating sound science in the courtroom. He noted:

Representing an extraordinary team of scientists, including several Nobel laureates, Atlantic Legal had a hand in the landmark Daubert trilogy in the U.S. Supreme Court and has gone on to challenge, for example, lawyers who claimed their clients have been injured by electro-magnetic fields and exposures to various other substances. Atlantic Legal has appeared where class action litigants demand damages for medical monitoring where there are no signs of injury at all, a suspect group of cases now pushed by the plaintiffs bar. Atlantic Legal’s participation in cases like these, representing scientists with impeccable credentials, has helped to discourage scientifically dubious claims which in too many other situations have lead to enormous damage awards, increased insurance premiums, and added burdens to taxpayers.?

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