Atlantic Legal’s 31st Annual Awards Gala Honored Tom Kendris, Esq. of Novartis Corporation

Metropolitan Club, NYC (March 28, 2019) – The Atlantic Legal 31st Annual Award Gala, honoring Novartis’s Tom Kendris was a great success. His remarks, entitled “The Pharmaceutical Industry at a Crossroad: Innovating for the Future” – were well received at an elegant dinner reception held in the Main Hall and West Lounge of the New York City Metropolitan Club, with nearly 200 Foundation members, supporters, and collaborators in attendance.

Thomas N. Kendris, Esq., President & Head of Global Litigation, Novartis Corporation

Thomas N. Kendris, Esq. is President & Head of Global Litigation, Novartis Corporation. His terrific presentation was directed to many interesting topics, and among other aspects, acknowledged the Atlantic Legal Foundation’s substantial contributions to many important legal cases over the years, including for example the Foundation’s pioneering work to protect the integrity of sound science in regulatory and judicial proceedings. Mr. Kendris’ detailed biography, introduction by Joe Hollingsworth, and complete remarks, are included in our 2018 Annual Report, which is available in print by contacting Atlantic Legal Foundation, and electronically in PDF form by clicking this link – 2018 Annual Report (starting at page 13).

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